Decentering Japanese Performance Lab Schedule

June 2022

University of California, Santa Barbara

**All times Pacific

[all lab sessions in T/D West 2517]

Thursday, June 2

3:00 pm Welcome and introductions

4:00-5:30pm Session 1

  • Peter Eckersall, “Decentered and Slow: Dramaturgies of nonplace in the work of Okada Toshiki”
  • Barbara Geilhorn, “Cultural exchange between Tōhoku and the urban centers – The triple disaster as a trigger of cultural decentralization” [remote]
  • Q and A; discussion

Friday, June 3

10:30-12:00pm Session 2

  • Kyoko Iwaki, “Hesitant Japan: Queering Relationships in Theater der Welt 2023” [remote]
  • Jyana S. Browne, “Puppetry Networks of the Seto Island Sea”
  • Q and A; discussion

12:00-2:00pm lunch

2:00-3:30pm Session 3

  • Marié Abe, “From Gendered Labor to Dances for the Dead: Social Life of Tankō Bushi”
  • Michelle Liu Carriger, “Shigai no Sankyo: Decentering Kyoto in Tea Discourse”
  • Q and A; discussion

3:30-4:00pm coffee break

4:00-5:30pm Session 4

  • Nobuko Anan, “Building a Home in Limbo?: Dance Box’s Little Lullabies in Nagata, Kobe” [remote]
  • Angela K. Ahlgren, “‘You took Part of Me’: Karole Armitage, Megumi Eda, and Drastic Japanese Classicism in New York”
  • Q and A; discussion

Saturday, June 4

2:00-3:30pm Session 5

  • Katherine Saltzman-Li, “Where’s the Center? Center and Periphery in Edo-Period Kabuki”
  • Rosemary Candelario, “Jinen Butoh: Entering the Flow of the Universe”
  • Q and A; discussion

3:30-4:00pm coffee break

4:00-5:30pm Session 6

  • Eun Young Seong, “Freedom to Reimagine: The Heroine’s Death in the 1948 Opera Chun Hiang
  • Mariko Okada, “Reinforcing Tokyo Discourse: Female Dancers from the Countryside Who Led New Dance Movements in Japan” [remote]
  • Q and A; discussion